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Here are the few papers I've got relating to the 1958, so-called "California", Sportsters model C and CH... Still, it's a lot for a bike produced for a few months, around 250 built according to the factory. Looks like a national campain as well, not just aimed at California?

Most people assume there was only the "C" version but these papers (and parts books...) clearly state two, low compression C and high compression/bigger valves CH. They are referred to as either "Off the Road" or "Scramblers" so can we assume the C stands for competition, not California? I can only trace one other photo of 1958 C or CH, that's in the March 1958 Enthusiast, 2 guys at a dealership and they've already fitted lights on them..

No mention on these papers of P cams, they seem to only come in 1959... ( and the two 1959 XLCH I've owned had only three "P" cams, the rear inlet was both times a 1957/58 "XL" cam...)

If you have any comments or more info, do contact me...

Factory single yellow leaflet, recto, "Off the Road", 1958, 8" x 11" Model C
Factory single yellow leaflet, verso, "Off the Road", 1958, 8" x 11" Model CH
Factory 6 ply leaflet, 18" x 12", "Scramblers", 1958 Model C & CH
Factory advert, full double central page, American Motorcyclist, February 1958, "Off the Road", 18" x 12", Model C & CH