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Hello and welcome to this site dedicated to the immortal Harley-Davidson KR and KRTT racing motorcycles, their predecessors and their off springs...

     Being an European, I only "discovered" those racing motorcycles in 1969 when I was 18 years old through a Daytona 200 article in the French press. There it was, a photo of Mert Lawwill looking mean in the pits aboard his KRTT, prior to his qualifying run on the famed banked oval. I was at once struck by the modernity of the overall design of the cycle parts and by the antiquity of the propulsion plant... as nobody in his right mind would have competitively raced a side valve motorcycle in Europe past 1922. Still, those KRs were winners till the end of their racing life, a fitting tribute to their supposedly humble origin as the Harley model K.

     As always with anything that came out of the Milwaukee factory, the KR was not all new when first shown in late '51 so this site will also have a look at its ancestry. The same will also apply to the more modern stuff, as a good deal of the KR was technically sound so it stayed nearly unchanged on later overhead valves XLRTTIron  and Alloy XR.

     Dear visitor, I hope you will like what you see here... I will welcome your comments, criticism, contributions or whatever... Feel free to use the email link above to air your views on the subject, send profiles or research for inclusion...    

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This website is not affiliated with any official Harley-Davidson organizations.

As this is not an official Harley-Davidson site, trade marks, names, part numbers, extracts of catalogues (etc) will only be used for reference only. Some technical procedures might also be explained but in no way does it infer that I take responsibility for their application: we are dealing here with RACING motorcycles so do not try anything described herein before you have satisfied yourselves that you fully understand the implications of modifying parts with regard to road safety .


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